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It's important for a childcare centre to be properly cleaned each day--not only so they look great for the families and staff when they come in each morning, but also to stop the little kids from getting and passing on communicable diseases. We have tried a range of options over the years to keep our childcare centre as hygienic and clean as possible - with varying degrees of success. This blog is an education resource for other childcare operators who are trying to work out the best ways to keep our children safe and healthy with different childcare cleaning services.

Clean Carpets to Combat Common Indoor Allergens

29 February 2016
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No matter how clean you think your home is, it's still likely to harbour several common allergens that can adversely affect your family's health.  But what are these allergens and how could having your carpets cleaned professionally help?  Read on to find out more. Indoor allergy symptoms Indoor allergy symptoms are often mistaken for a common cold.  These symptoms often include the following: a runny nose with clear, watery secretions itchy eyes symptoms that linger for more than a few days If you or your family suffer from any or all of these symptoms while you are at home, but note that they seem to go away when you're outside, then it's likely that they are caused by allergens. Read More …